Well the good, Comcast is offered to send us a new Docsis 3.0 modem. They even did a robo voice mail and then gave me some magic URL to ask for an a new modem.
It asks you for a letter reference (?!) and since I don’t think I got a letter, I guessed. In any case, got an email saying that in 4-6 weeks I’d get a new modem.
Good news. It arrived in a week.
I took it out and there was backup battery. Apparently you have to now buy your own backup battery (?!!!) how does that make sense. It is a leased modem and shouldn’t it come with it.
Normally when I get a new modem, I just plug it in and it works.
Not anymore, now the internet goes down and it forces you through an activation process. Yuck!
The worse news is that it won’t activate. I tried the help deks and here is what he said and I admit I don’t understand a word. He asked me for a CM MAC (wow what a crazy number).

Upon updating your new modem on the account, it stated here that your services are currently updating on your account for this new modem to get working, due to services upgrade. So we need to wait until the updates to be completed for us to have your new modem services activated. The updates will be completed any moment tomorrow. Just to be sure that we can have the updates complete immediately, I suggest that you will contact the 1800comcast to reach our billing dept so that they can have they updates complete right away. You may still use the old modem until this new is already updated on the account.

I guess I’ll just try to call them. Trying to call 1800COMCAST and I see there is a 30 minute wait. Then I get a message that the phone number for billing only works during business hours!
In the mean time I put back the old modem. ARRGJ!

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