Sony RX-100 Accessories Redux


I’ve been using the RX100 for about three months now and although the Mark II is out, this is a pretty awesome camera. Some notes on accessories:

  1. The grip is awesome. i got mine from a third party, but Sony now makes one.
  2. I lost the little wrist strap (used it to tie on a hydration pack, but that’s another story). So need a new one and Dpreview forum recommends the Olympus wrist strap or the Canon Metal Neck Strap 1  34″ Length which seems long or the really nice custom one from Gordy’s Camera Wrist Strap or most clever any Nintendo Wii Wrist Strap
  3. With the grip, I need a nice small urethane case to protect it like the case recommended on Flickr, Sony LCS-HH/B Carrying Case (Black)
  4. I love the Giottos SP8302L Aegis Multi-coated LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D300,D700,D90 but it cracked without a good case
  5. I like the Clearsight viewfinder, it really works in the bright sunshine.

So how do I get off the broken thing now:

The Aegis adheres to the frame around the LCD and is not in direct contact with the LCD screen. The Aegis is easily removed by heating it with a hair dryer! Screen Protectors

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