Lurking around, if you have a Visa Signature card:

Offer valid 2/1/2012 – 11/2/2013

Get $5 off a $25 Fandango Gift Card, instantly redeemable for the movie of your choice. That’s $25 in movie tickets for only $20! Fandango Gift Cards can be used for tickets to any movie, any time, at any Fandango partner theater. And they never expire. Use them yourself or give them away to your family or friends. Cardholders are eligible to purchase up to four discounted Fandango Gift Cards(maximum of $100 in value) per calendar month.
Offer Inclusions:

  • 20% off each $25 Fandango Gift Card, good for redemption for any movie any time at any partner theater

Offer Exclusions:

  • Transportation to / from theater
  • Parking
  • Concession purchases
  • Any other costs or expenses associated with attending the movie



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