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Its amazing how quickly you can use storage. We have our star windows machines in a 2x250GB soft raid. But the new drives allow more questions. Tom's Hardware and Anandtech like. There is going to be a sea change shortly as SSD moves to PCI Express and we could even slam a drive into the mSATA position on the motherboard. But right now if you need capacity. Tom's Hardware recommends it. $590 at Amazon.

The easiest of the M500 drives to recommend and dismiss are the highest and lowest capacity versions, respectively. The 960GB M500 is the cheapest 1TB-class SSD I've seen to date, and it's likely the best buy if you need that much storage in a single drive. Performance still falls short of the fastest drives in this space, but if you need the capacity and plan on using all of it the M500 is really the only game in town AnandTech | The Crucial/Micron M500 Review (960GB, 480GB, 240GB, 120GB)


The Crucial M500 (and the OEM-tailored Micron M500) are a new mainstream SSD family that offers a SATA 6Gb/s interface, Marvell controller, 7mm drive height and Micron's latest 20nm MLC NAND. Along with the top-level hardware components, the Crucial M500 comes with Micron's firmware which is made in-house. The M500 builds on a longstanding heritage of reliability and compatibility - Micron's calling cards with both their consumer and enterprise SSDs. What makes the M500 family unique though isn't blazing burst speeds; this time the story is more about price and capacity. Crucial M500 SSD Review | - Storage Reviews


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