I miss Steve Jobs! Somehow I wish Apple would finish the features it starts. A good example is photostream. It is nearly wonderful. But here are the strange things about it:

  1. It deletes photos that are copied up there very 30 days or when you get over 1000 photos, so to archive them, you either have to manually sync your iPhone, then go to iPhoto and choose reveal photos in finder and copy them out. Or if you want to stay all iPhoto, set iPhoto to import photos automatically in preferences. I normally choose the former as I’ve had lots of bad experiences with iPhoto library corruption.
  2. the thing is also completely random on how it orders photos between devices that download. So u can’t really make everyone have the same slides how experience. Pretty frustrating and I must admit it takes work to create a random list like this.
  3. weird performance quirks on download. On an AppleTV at least, the thing seems to hang.

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