Sony RX100 M2


Well with the Sony RX100 dropping to $600, the price difference is now very substantial, the RX100M2 (formally the RX100 II) is at $750, but if you dig a little you can find better deals:

  • Amazon has it at list price, but in trolling the reward sites and also the feature merchants you can find better deals than $748
  • Beach Camera for instance offers it at $748 with $2 extra that gives you an carrying case, mini tripod, extra battery and 16gb SD card and other goodies, plus you get a 3 point multiplier if you have the right rewards card like Chase or Bank of America.
  • Newegg relies on Focus Camera for delivery, but although the Amazon experience on Focus is good, it is mediocre on Newegg, not sure why.

Then in terms of accessories

  • Sony LCS-HH-B. This is a nice case and is just $3 at Adorama or the same via Amazon
  • Giottos Sp8302. Screen protectors. Adorama has them for $26.25 and B&H has them for $27.50
  • Carry Speed MagFilter 52mm adapter (the original, although Sony has now cloned it) at Amazon for $36 or directly from for $35 including free shipping/.
  • B+W 52mm circular polarizing filter (66-044838) with MRC. $67 from Amazon and $79 from Adorama.  and $67 from B&H (I haven't found any deals for this)
  • NP-BX1 battery charger. Amazon has two batteries plus a charge for $19. The Sony original chargers are $35! Or $10 from eBay if you dare.

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