Fell asleep on the plane, woke up and found the screen of my phone completely discolored. Looks like somehow, soda or something spilled on the thing. Who knows?
Anyway, Applecare Plus is wonderful. Cost me $49, but they did fix the screen. Makes me really want to get a waterproof case and barring that, it is impossible to realize life without Applecare and real support! You need to check your warranty, but they allow two incidents for two years, so that is a great deal!
But if you really are close to the water, then you want a lightweight waterproof case. Digital Trends recommends the Lifeproof Nuud. It is $99, but it good for 6 feet deep water protection. Another one for the iPhone 5 is the Lifeproof Fre at $80.
If you don’t mind ugly, the Innopocket Amphibian is not a bad choice and is just $30. You probably don’t want these kinds of cases on all the time, just when you are close to the water. In the mean time, the Speck Smartflex ($35 and was as low as $31, and is just $18 at Amazon.com) slim wallet is a good choice if you don’t mind taking it on and off. eBags has these and they often have 15-20% off, so watch the sales.
On Amazon, the CM4 iPhone 5S Wallet Case gets 4.7+ reviews and is just $25
And the Lifeproof Fre gets just moderate reviews 3.5/5, but there is also the Lifeproof Fre Lifejacket, so that if you drop it in the water, it doesn’t just disappear forever. $35 at Amazon.

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