You can do this automatically with Linux, but with Mac OS X, you still need to do graphical installs it looks like (or until I make a script for it all). Here are the things I need as a list with the goal to get as much open source software running that is inspectable and transparent as discussed by Justin, you can use Thoughtbot

  • Firefox. You get all the add-ons when you have Firefox sync running.
  • Thunderbird. You need to manually load the add-ons like adblocker, etc.
  • VLC. This is a general viewer
  • ClamXav, SpiderOak, GPGTools and TrueCrypt. The packages that armor the system for file sharing, mail safety and file safety.

The good news is that only SpiderOak is not open source, so a good thing right now. Now getting it automated is next.

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