Well, I got the Vsonic VC-1000 and then promptly lost them, but now I have all three and can report…wow… Joker is right (see http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/) these are incredible headphones. I just looked for headphones rated 9.2 and which were amazing. I have to say, I’ve always loved my Etymotic ER-4S and Ps (over the years, I’ve had four set, with three lost in various travels) and they have been great and expensive at $250.
But these Vsonic VC-1000 and the Brainwavz B2 are really just as wonderful at half the price. Plus, the Brainwavz B2 can take Etymotic eartips, so I have a use for all of them (personally, I love the medium foam tips, what noise dampening). The VC-1000 is really cut, but is a 4mm barrel, so requires the similar MeeLectronics ear tips.
The Vsonic VC-1000 you get from ebay, the supplier from Hong Kong is awesome, very fast and good shipping. The Brainwavz comes from Amazon. Go for it guys if you want a really high quality, in-the-ear and noise isolating earphones that are perfect for getting away from it all!

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