Seems like every year, I have to update this, but the good news is that international calling is getting cheaper and cheaper. Here are some of the great ideas:

  • T-Mobile. They just announced that in 100 countries, there would be no data roaming charge. Wow that is great and although it is only 2G, it is good for folks on holiday or where there is lots of Wifi anyway. We use Verizon for coverage in the US, but if Tmobile is good enough, this can save you lots of money.
  • Verizon and AT&T now offer $25 for 100MB when roaming overseas. That’s much cheaper than their rates of $1-2 a minute in most countries, so it means that calling out, you can use VOIP.
  • Right now Skype is about 2.3 cents a minute back to the US this way, so pretty good. Their iOS application actually works pretty well now and has good integration with iPhone contacts.
  • Google Voice is 1 cent a minute if you are outside the US and free in the US, but you need to use a web app and it is pretty confusing to find

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