Sony Announce A7 and A7r as full frame ILC

Well as Rennie says, the main issue are the quality of the lenses (and I have a 16MP OM-D MD5 I’m trying righ now and it is tiny!), but Sony

XBMC on Raspberry Pi, Atom box and Mac OS X

OK, here are the ways to get XBMC (and its various Airplay, DLNA input drivers) on: Raspberry Pi. RaspXBMC needs a hard-wired network connection and I have an EDImaxx USB

Ergonomics in the dorm with a new monitor, keyboard, mouse and stand

Well if you are hunched over in your dorm room, it’s time to realize your back is going to really hurt, so here are some suggestions: Separate keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

Thunderbird setup

Been trying to convert from Mac Mail to Thunderbird in the quest to get to more open source. Here are the issues: Thunderbird has this automatic identification of mail servers,

Bluehost Spam Assassin,

Bluehost offers a whole set of things that you can do to reduce spam. Here is what you do: Logon to Goto the mail section and enable Spam Assassin

Thunderbird tips and tricks

I’ve been on a campaign to use as much open source as I can and the next change is the switch from Mac Mail to Thunderbird. Here are some of