I’ve been on a campaign to use as much open source as I can and the next change is the switch from Mac Mail to Thunderbird. Here are some of the tips and tricks:

  • With bluehost, the ssl that you use for el cheapo sites uses the bluehost SSL certificate. Thunderbird doesn’t like this and generates an exception asking for a confirm. Make sure you confirm the exception otherwise, the dialog never comes up again and you permanently can’t connect to that account. I’m looking for how to fix this, but just beware.
  • Signatures. There is the same feature, but it is buried in Tools/Account Settings and is in each of the logins. Unlike Mac mail, you don’t get a rotating list of signatures.
  • When syncing with Mac Contacts, it appears to only find one email address at a time, so it really doesn’t work right with folks (everyone!) who has multiple email addresses. Looking for a fix now.

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