Wirecutter summary


I just love Thewirecutter.com, a good review summary that I largely agree with:

  • Scosche reVOLT c2. I have tried many, many usb chargers in the car. They break quite a bit. The Scosche is tiny and actually doesn't disintegrate. It is expensive at $18, but does work.
  • Apple Lighting Cable. Surprisingly it has fallen to $18, so not much more than the $12 ones I get from Monoprice. Thank them for the anti-piracy chip they put in it that has driven prices up from $3 to $18!
  • Sandisk Extreme UHS-1. Although I just had a Sandisk SD card die on me (first time ever), they have consistently been reliable for me for years. And he loves them to. Turns out it is fast so for instance in a D800 it writes at 30MBps. Rob Galbraith is the expert here as he does actual consistent performance. It is cheap at $20 for at 16GB card.

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