Well, I’ve been using the Vsonic VC1000 for a while and also its brother and my older Etymotic ER-4P. I have to say these are all fantastic headphones. The Vsonic particularly with the Meetronics tips are just great. The fit is very good. And at $125 or so a great price. So for Christmas here are the recommendations:

  • Vsonic VC1000. These are from asia and you can either get them from eBay. The seller ($119 + $6 = $125 USD) there is great and I’ve gotten two sets. Or you can get them from Singapore from Lendmeyourears.com for SGD180 ($128 or so US Dollars) as well.
  • Headphone case. The biggest way to destory headphones is to leave them in your bag. Even the Vsonic just comes in a soft bag. Fortunately, Amazon to the rescue as you can see ratings for small parts like this. What you need is a hard case. The Case Star seems very highly rated at Amazon and is just $8 for two 🙂
  • Cord manager. For the truly neat, I find this is really useful to keep the cords in shape and most importantly to keep them from pulling out. The Curvyman is also hyper cute. Or may be an Nest Earbud Case

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