Well, you’d need a mighty big stocking for some of these things, but they are useful, so simpler  to more expensive:

  • Cord wrappers. Don’t you hate it when your headphones cords are all over the place. I like the little man you wrap around
  • Case of headphones. Headphones are too cheap to ship with one, but the $8 case for a Jabra is really wonderful.
  • Accell surge protector. Wow this is pretty cool at wirecutter.com ($16 from Amazon). The Mediabridge is the same product ($20) from another OEM.
  • iPhone mounts. So you don’t have to look for your phone in all your clutter:
  • Elemount. Not quite availabe but amazingly cool looking at $80 and it is adjustable.
  • Milo. This so cool looking and uses a micro suction stand. Plus it has space for your cables underneath and is just $15 and is 20% off when you get it direct. And Bluelounge has lots of cool things like this!
  • Vsonic VC-1000. They are little and expensive ($125) but they sound great!
  • 1440p or 1600p Gaming monitor. These could also be called 2.5K displays, so right between 1080p and 4K. You want a IPS panel, very fast (120Hz or more) and low input lag monitor to play well. ipsledmonitor.com is a local supplier. Wow that’s cool. As an aside, we have the ASUS VG278HE 144Hz with Lightboost which eliminates motion blur (using ToastyX Strobelight). The reputable ones are:
    • the Asus PB278Q
    • the Samsung S27A850
    • but if you care about price, then the PLS Monitors labeled Qnix QX2710 and X-Star are great.
    • Although the real afictionados are moving to 2560×1600 in 30″ displays.

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