I remember when figuring out a font was impossible, but now it’s easy, just myfonts.com/WhatTheFont  or whatfontis.com by feeding it a jpeg of the font you don’t recognize and it popts it back to you.
When you get a match, then you can see how to download it by typing the name into google. There are many open source font packages now from places like Google Fonts (you can actually even download Google Fonts for use in your desktoip applications now).
The nice thing is that both Windows and Macs will allow downloads of TTF files for instance and you can just install them.
And Google allows you to do a bulk download by  at google.com/fonts, add it to your collection and then download the files.
If you want to figure out the exact color, use Photoshop or if you don’t own a copy, download gimp and use the eyedropper to get the color code, you select the Color Picker and turn on the Use Info Window

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