If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is, but if you have a Samsung screen that is overscanning a digital input (apparently it does it for all inputs!). Then you need to fix it by physically changing the hardware connection. Only HDMI1/DVI *doesn’t* overscan. And then you

On Saturday I went out and bought a shiny new 40″ Samsung D7000 TV. (I should have bought a 46″ but I was replacing a 40 and didn’t realize how much of the old one was bezel… In any case I got it home and all was well (Once I’d figured out how to disable the infernal 800Hz interpolation crap that makes everything look like a soap opera) until I plugged in my PC and discovered 5% of the screen was missing around the edges (an the other 95% stretched and looking like crap.
So after checking that this wasn’t covered in the manual I called Samsung, and then the shop I got the TV from, and searched online and today called Samsung again. All to no avail (Other than having a much clearer idea of what didn’t work and why it probably didn’t work).
In the end it turns out the solution was exactly what all the forums said, you need to plug the PC in to the HDMI port labeled DVI and then change the name of that port to PC [If you select DVI-PC, then you won’t get audio output to the Samsung, so beware!]. The secret sauce, of course, was to figure out how the hell to do that. Select HDMI1 in the sources list and hit the info button and then you get a menu which lets you give sources names. Yay for inscrutable, undocumented, procedures which the support staff don’t know anything about. (Even knowing I probably had to rename the source they couldn’t tell me how to do that).
via How to Disable overscan on a Samsung “SMART” tv – solved.

Of course Windows 8.1 has no idea if this is a 10 foot display at 1080p, so you have to tweak the font settings (which actually also changes the icons):

Go to Start (it’s back!) and choose Control Panel and then Display and pick and then the Change Size of all items.


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