Wow, some of these rewards are really pretty amazing if you have a Rewards Shopping Mall based credit cards, here’s a stack rank of vendors to choose from when buying for electronics (see allretailers-byoffer.htm for a list of all retailers sorting by bonus points offered), so if the prices are close online, then this is a big deciding factor. The algorithm is:

  1. Find the best Internet price. Usually from or
  2. Go through the list below and see the highest point value store that is close to the price above
  3. Look at the delta and compute the incremental value. So if it is $5 more but you get 300 more points which are worth 3 cents, ($9), then it makes sense to buy even if the store is more expensive. 21 points per dollar. At 3%, that’s an additional 605 off! Assuming you ever want print magazines every again of course :-0

  • Skype. 15 points per dollar (?!!!) when you reload. At even a nominal 3% return per point that’s a 45% discount!
  • Godaddy. 6 points.


  • 1-800-Flowers. 11 points per dollar. Wow that’s 30% off.


  • 10 points per dollars. Also 30% off.
  • Footlocker, Sports Authority. 4 points


  • 10 points

Outdoor Equipment

  • 9 points per dollar. Wow, the goto place is the prices are close for luggage, sunglasses or anything camping.
  • Campmor. 6 points
  • The North Face, Tennis Express and Camping World. 4 points
  • REI, Eddie Bauer. 3 points.

Kitchen and Household

  • Sur La Table. 7 points
  • 4 points
  • Crate and a Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond. 3 points.
  • west elm. 3 points.


  • Sunglass Hut, 9 points
  • Underarmour. 7 points per dollar. For any kitchen things or athletic ware.
  • 6 points
  • smart wool. 5 points
  • 5 points
  •,, kate spade, 4 bonus points.
  • Pacific Sunwear. 4 points.
  • Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Aeropostale. 3 points


  • Golfsmith. 6 points

Glasses and Medical

  • 1800contacts. 6 points
  • 6 points
  • 5 point

Office supplies

  • Vistaprint. 5 points
  • OfficeMax. 4 bonus point.


  • Competitive cyclists , is 6 points per dollar


  • Origin. 6 points for games.
  • Radioshack. 5 points
  • Microsoft Store. 4 bonus points per dollar. Good for Xbox One accessories and games.
  • Worldwide stereo. 4 points. audio equipment
  • Thinkgeek. 4 points for gadgets
  • Sony Store. 3 bonus points. Great for PS4 accessories and games
  • and Beach Camera. 3 points. Good for camera  things (although Adorama and B&H have a larger selection)
  • eCost, PCRush and crutch field. 3 points. I used to buy a lot from there for Newegg like things.
  • PCMall,. 2 bonus points and also for Newegg stuff.
  • MacMail, Abt and Apple Store, TigerDirect. 2 bonus points. MacMall competes with B&H for the best MacBook prices.
  • Dell and hp. 2 bonus points. Best place for displays right now
  • Newegg and Best Buy. 1 bonus point. Better than nothing


  • Textbookx. 5 bonus points
  • 4 points

General buying

  • 4 bonus points per dollar. They have lots of strange stuff, but a good thing to check
  • 4 points for reloading your starbucks card.
  • Rakuten. 2 points.
  • Walmart. 2 points.
  • 1 bonus point and they give you Amazon gift e-cards, so a way to get Amazon bonus indirectly..


  • Discount Tire. 4 points.

Eco and Green

  • GAIAM and TOMS shoes. 4 points. For heath and green conscious stuff.


  •, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Hotels, Accor, iBis, Novatel, Sofitel. 4 points for travel
  • Expedia, Priceline, Marriott, Best Western, Choice, Lowes Hotels, Radison, Conrad, Hampton, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Courtyard, Renaissance, Wyndham. 3 points


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