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Setting up is a little tricky and not much on that site, but here’s a good post that explains how to stay reasonably safe:
Browsers. Firefox is free and most importantly open. But you need some add-ons to feel really safe:

  1. Adblock Edge. Mainly because AdBlock Pro does allow ads (they get money from advertisers to unblock).
  2. HTTPS Everywhere. This encrypts all your web traffic if there is an HTTPS there. Safari does this automatically by the way. From EFF so open.
  3. Disconnect. There are many sites that do tracking
  4. Startpage. Forprivate searchs, although YaCy is cool technology

DNS provider. They see every query that you ask for. Normally this goes to the ISP you are connected to. So you should reset your clients to use OpenNIC servers (see for the DNS addresses.
These are the easy ones, now comes using a VPN so that your traffic gets sprayed through the internet. It cost $100 per year and has a 7 day money back. They support both L2TP/IPSEC which Mac OS X has out of the box. But OpenVPN is open source and probably safer. The VPN is decently easy to setup but of course you have to rely on them to be honest about not snooping your traffic. Although every ISP can do the same so it probably centralizes the risk.
I2P like TOR which is safe but super inconvenient. He likes I2p, I’ve tried TOR and it is pretty inconvenient as many sites like Amazon don’t like traffic coming from a zillion places.
And for mail, use (we’ve had good experience) about this:
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