I’m getting stupider by the minute. I need a way not to lost things. Just spent two days looking for a wallet. Two solutions. Be smart (not!) or use technology both low and high tech. Here’s what I’m trying:

For keys

The latest entrant to the tracking craze is Kickstarter project Chipolo with a stylish keyring style attachment for objects. You’ll be able to attach it to almost anything like a laptop case, keys or even your pet essentially anything that can have a keyring hanging off it and register it with the app. Once registered, you’ll be able to use an app on your Android or iOS phone to locate the object over Bluetooth 4.0.

There is also Wallet Trackr and StickNFind. They all use the same idea, use Bluetooth LE and then a smart phone to find things. The main problem according to Amazon reviews is how unreliable pairing is with phones. Having written my own iBeacon code, they sure are right. It is flaky!

via These 7 clever gadgets will help you keep track of your valuables – The Next Web.

For wallets

I use an ultra thin wallet anyway, so why not try integrating with a cell phone case. A quick search on Amazon reviews two highly rated alternatives:
Speckware Smartflex. The disadvantage is that you can see the cards, but the advantage is they are easy to pull out. $24 on Amazon. But if you are a rewards geek (and assuming that you actually get the rewards. I’m finding that these links to sites often don’t work, you can spend $34 on eBags but get 9 points per dollar plus 10% off for being on the mailing list plus a 4.5% rebate. Whew, if this works, it is basically free 🙂

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