Yes you can get a massive case for your dSLR, but if you are camping and hiking, the Sony RX100 Mark III sure makes a lot of sense. It is tiny, but has a 1″ sensor and amazing 24-70 F/1.8-2.8 lens. But what if you are looking to spend time on the water, but then you need something that is waterproof. We’ve had two of these cameras and sadly have lost both, so here’s an update on what to get:
Went to Glazer’s to look at these cameras. Concluded that Wirecutter is right. The performance is pretty close. Makes sense these are 1/2.33 sensors, but the big thing is brighter screen. And we don’t need low light performance. If we didn’t, I’d jump to the Olympus OMD MD-1 in a housing or maybe and Nikon AW1 before going with these small sensor systems.
Wirecutter likes the Panasonic Lumix TS5. It’s waterproof to 48′ (?!!), can handle 14 degree F weather and is $249, the Canon D30 was the runner up. Picture quality isn’t as good, but that’s what you give up. The main issue is that the lense is relatively slow at 28-128mm f/3.3-5.6 so you need to crank the ISO on the water. The Olympus ranked third has the second best image quality and an f/2.0 lense with the TG2 (now the TG3), but image quality was lower than the Lumix so use it for available light shots. This review is brand new for 2014
Dpreview did a review last year and came up with a different ordering. They liked the Olympus TG2 Tough best (the predecessor to the D30). The good things are the touch controls which are great with gloves and long battery life. And as previously mentioned, it is relatively fast at F2.0-4.9, 25-100mm  And the Panasonic Lumix TS5 was just behind it.
Imaging Resources also did a technical review and they likes in order the Canon D20, then the Nikon AW100 and the TG2. Interestingly they didn’t like the image quality of the TS5
Even Adorama is doing “light” reviews now. Not much on image quality, but they do mention that Nikons 1-series has the AW-1 so you can get waterproof and interchangeable lenses.
ePhotozine just did a review and also like the FT5 (this is the european equivalent to the TS5). Then the Nikon AW-1 but this is a $800 camera and quite a bit bigger then then the Olympus european equivalent to the TG830 (not sure how it differs from the TG2) and the Nikon AW110 as the value leader as well as the TG850 which more of a casual get a little wet thing.
Finally Techradar as a quicky (non performance testing reviews) that shows TG2 as the best

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