Private Internet Access – Unblock email


This is a terrific VPN. It costs $39 per year and it works on iOS and Macs perfectly. Seems extremely fast as well. Their own application seems a bit buggy, but the Tunnelblick which is an open source VPN works great. You do have to download the beta to get it to run on Mac OS X Mavericks, but you can set it to connect at system startup.
The other tricky part is that you need to fabricate a .tblk file by copying the .ca and other certificate plus the .opvn files into a directory and rename that foo.tblk. Then double click and it installs.
Finally, sending mail won't work because they block smtp as spammers use the service to anonymize. You have to send a trouble ticket with your mail server dns name and ip address to them to get them to unblock it.

PIA blocks SMTP. You can get them to unblock it by asking. As I said, they do this because of spammers. Just open a support ticket and they can tell you more.
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