Trail Running, Running Belt, Light Hiking Hydration Pack

Trail Running, Running Belt, Light Hiking Hydration Pack

We have a great Osprey Talon 22 that we can use for big day hikes, but sometimes it is more like a quick two hour jaunt and it seems like overkill. So off to find a nice fanny/lumbar/hiking/trail running pack that let's us carry say two liters of water and a phone and a flash light.

But what if you want an actual fanny pack or waist pack. Runner's World has a good overview of these:

  • Ultimate Direction Access Gel. Carries a single 20 ounce plus a gel flask. Ideal. $39 from Amazon. The new name seems to be Access 20 Plus and it is slightly more expensive. The Katoa has two 20 ounce (1 liter basically) which runningdaylight really liked. $54 from Backcountry.
  • Amphipod Full Tilt Velocity. Carries a 20 ounce bottle.
  • The Northface Enduro Belt 2. Carries two 18 ounce bottles so not so great for running, but good for ultra light hiking. These are hard to find.

There is actually a site called which does nothing but and they like the Nathan Trail Mix 4 which has four 10 ounce bottles. The main problem is that well, it look dorky 🙂

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