Time to get ready for skiing, so what sites to look at for an back-side all-mountain women’s ski:
A very clean and easy to use website, realskiers.com is the first place to go when you are trying to decide which pair of metal rods you want to strap to your feet this year. The best thing about this website is that it gets straight to the point with the information you need to choose a pair of skis. Instead of lengthy paragraphs they use a system called ‘1-minute-reviews.’ A rating system of 1-5 for all aspects of the ski, the specs and a few testimonials from users is all that is provided for each pair of skis. It’s the perfect amount of information to decide which skis to demo or even purchase.
A massive website that every hardcore skier has visited at some point in their lives, Epicski.com is the Mecca of ski and ski related equipment reviews. The sheer magnitude of skis reviewed on this website is astonishing, but that is just the beginning. From helmets to ski boots everything you could need on a ski holiday is reviewed extensively on this website. Manufacturers and users write reviews so you get a nice mixed bag of information.
This website is another great resource to consult during the difficult ski selection process. A more traditional setup, this review website uses professional ski review authors to describe the pros and cons of different ski types. In short paragraphs you get honest sounding opinions on almost every major brand of skis that you could want to purchase.
This is a great website for ski and gear reviews, but the other plethora of options make it a must visit during the preseason ski ritual. Reviews are clean and precise on a five-point scale, but while you are checking out skis and gear you might as well check the snow report or reviews of resorts in your area. With weather predictions and live camera feeds this website is a one stop shop for everything ski related.
A popular freestyle ski magazine, Freeskier also has a great website with a well trusted set of ski reviews. The editors and authors of the magazine are considered to be experts in the industry which give this review website a bit more credit than the others. A comment section after the review allow readers to input their two cents as well which gives you great information before your important purchase.
via 5 Best Ski Review Websites.

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