Been looking for semi-decent watches. The SWAG giveaways with company logos just don’t do it anymore 😉
I’ve had two solar powered watches as well from Citizen. They work well, but are sure nerdy looking (but you can calculate fuel consumption if you want and they are world watches) and their crystals got scratched really quickly. There are some less nerdy Eco watches they make like their simple canvas strap
Both were titanium but died when their bands broke. So on to something new.
First I wanted to get an automatic from Switzerland, but these seem to cost a minimum of $5K?!
Here comes to the rescue with some decent looking watches with decent performance mostly with Japanese movements:
Seiko 5. These are just $50-70 and look decent with a 21-jewell movement.
Hamilton Khaki Field. $500 or so and also elegant
Tissot Carson. Got to say what an elegant dial. $500 in white, the black for $530 is more expensive and runs on a Swiss movement and has exposed in the rear as well.

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