Actually the move to Yosemite has gone pretty well for me. We’ve dodged some of the bugs I’ve heard about (Wifi connection) and it is definitely faster on small machines because the 3D effects are less. The only thing I’ve seen is a strong losing of SMTP passwords.
In terms of thing that change, mac ports does for sure and the setup change isn’t too bad, but not as simple as the Linux sudo apt-get dist-upgrade idea:

# If you've never installed Xcode, if you have then make sure you have done a Mac App Store update of it
xcode-select --instal
# accept the license, this requires you do a q and then agree
xcode-build -license
# find an lastest Yosemite package by looking through the download http finding a url
package_url=$(curl | grep -m1 -o 'http.*Yosemite.pkg')
# Now download it
pushd ~/Downloads
curl -O $package_url
open ${basename package_url}
# Answer all the graphical questions :-)
# Now uninstall all ports and reinstall when moving to a new OS version
port -qv installed > current_ports.txt
sudo port -f uninstall installed
sudo port clean all
# download a magic script and restore
sudo port install curl
curl -O
chmod +x restore_ports.tcl
sudo ./restore_ports.tcl current_ports.txt

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