I’ve seen quite a few reviews of the two. I’ve been using Lastpass for the last few years and it isn’t expensive ($12) but most reviews seem to prefer 1Password. Last time I tried it it was unusable because it didn’t grok multiple users on the same site (e.g. I have 15 google.com accounts that I track for work, etc). It is more expensive at $70 for a family, but it is open source which is really nice, so both of these are of course vulnerable to injection of code.
The one thing that isn’t so great is how you have to use dropbox or something to sync its datastore. Yuck on that. But worth a try. The good thing is that since they don’t use their own storage system, you know where your data is. They just manage a single file that you can move around. The Mac version supports iCloud (if you buy from Apple store) and their own version uses Dropbox, so a bit of an asymmetry.
I also tried it and the thing that didn’t work with older version (v3 I think) was having lots of Google passwords and then you end up not being able to figure out which one to use. Now when you highlight a password entry you can see all the results.
I also love that their site is using Bootstrap. Looks very nice!

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  1. Allison Sheridan Avatar
    Allison Sheridan

    I think you’re mis-remembering, 1Password is not open source.
    When you say yuck to storing 1P data in Dropbox, consider that with 1P you have the choice of whether to store in the cloud. If you choose, you can keep your vault only local. Of course that means you can’t get to it from your other devices. With 1P you do also have the choice to use iCloud instead of Dropbox. With LastPass you do not have this choice, you can ONLY store it in the cloud and it’s only their cloud.
    That said, your vault is encrypted in both cases, so I have no problem with keeping my vault in Dropbox, iCloud or LastPass’s servers.

    1. Richtong Avatar

      Yes sorry about that, I was confused about this, And good point it is a good point that your system allows you a choice. I was just saying yuck from a user pov because getting everyone in the family to handle dropbox sharing of a shared folder and then pointing to it is going to be harder.
      It’s the tradeoff between flexiblity and not being flexible.

      1. Allison Sheridan Avatar
        Allison Sheridan

        I agree for sure. I prefer the way LastPass handles sharing. My husband and I have independent LastPass accounts but can share passwords between our accounts. We can even make it where either of us can change a password and it’s reflected back. 1P has this but you have to have a shared vault which isn’t logically what we want. We want separate vaults but all passwords within one vault each.

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