When you are trying to migrate DNS Servers, http://viewdns.info/dnsrecord/ is really useful. Let’s you look at what is up there so you can easily recreate it and then do the cut over.
To remind everyone here is what you have to do. It’s a three step process;

  1. Figure out who the registrar is for the site. I always forget mine :-0
  2. Find the current Name Server that is being used by the registrar
  3. Go to that DNS Server and look at all the records. If you can’t get in, no problem, just use the viewdns.info site and look at all the records.
  4. Go to the new DNS Server hosting site and create the appropriate ones and add your own.
  5. When you are done go to the registrar and switch the DNS Server hoster by changing the name server (usually something like ns1.newshoster.com)

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