I was a little surprised to see this, but Backblaze (hat tip to Anandtech) is publishing detailed information on drive failures. Up to 15% annual failure rate(?!!) on Seagates and they provide model numbers too.
Interesting to see a desktop drive do very well (HGST 7K4000, $185 Amazon) at 1.4% in a data center setting whereas the WD Red, a higher end NAS drive, was at 8.8% with similar average life (six months).
Right now Anandtech liked the Deskstar NAS variant ($185 regularly, right now $165 at Newegg).
Of course as Vlad says, you at least want a 10^15 error drive rather than these consumer ones ones at 10^14 like the WD Red Pro or WD Re (reliability not known, but WD data isn’t encouraging), the Toshiba MG300 (but we know much about these drives reliability), Seagate Enterprise Capacity (although these figures from Backblaze are not encouraging).
But maybe the biggest competition is their own HGST Ultrastar 7K4000.
As a final aside prices for 5 and 6TB drives are really down. They are about $50/TB now over 4TB drives. So while we may wonder about long term reliability, price is much less of a factor. Time to start adding a few and see.

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