Cyber Monday

I really wasn’t ready for Black Friday, but gearing up for Cyber Monday, I’m prepared. The main thing is not to buy junk but to get some decent deals on really great hardware. Here are some highlights:

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15” Retina with 2.5GHz, 750M, 512GB SSD. I love the 13” MacBook Pro Retina for every day use, but if you are doing development then the most important thing is the need for more hard drive. The 256GB SSD is just not enough and it isn’t replaceable in these things. Right now Apple Insider has a $450 off from Adorama for that model which is pretty incredible. And if you can get that deal via Rakuten then you get more bonus point too!
  • Benq BL3200PT. Well the 4K monitors aren’t quite ready yet, but the Benq is a terrific monitor (The ASUS PB27Q is the value machine at $480). It’s price fluctuates between $1000 and $600, so it’s a great buy if you can get it for $600.

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