Baby (Elder) monitor and Door sensors


Well sometimes life seems to be a circle. What's a great baby monitor is also a great way to monitor what's going on with dear old dad. That plus a door sensor and you don't need to worry.
There seem to be two sorts of gadgets. Things like Dropcam Pro (I've used a bunch of these) which are wonderful geek gadgets, they use Wifi and you use an iPhone application. The problem that I've had is that they don't hold their connections and if you are working with people who don't want to learn how to reinitiate an iPad application, you need something more turnkey.
The folks at Amazon love the Infant Optics DX-8. Its expensive at $180 (Amazon), but does include a video monitor and seems reliable according to lots and lots of Amazon reviews. I've also been using Google Shopping lately to do another check but their pricing is higher than Amazon's. 

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