Month: March 2015

New All in One Printer

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Well, our trusty Canon MX700 finally gave up the ghost. Sad to see, it is was quite reliable and we used the scanning and copying. The consumables were ridiculous, but at least they were the same as the Pro9000 we have. With camera phones, it isn’t clear how important scanning is anymore or copying for…

Hospital Beds and things

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Well, I never thought we’d really be here, but here’s a list of home healthcare things that hopefully you’ll never need. Many of these are reimbursable by Medicare, but you have to get a doctors prescription and then use an approved provider. Sometimes Amazon is just easier. There doesn’t appear to be a good place…

Apple Watch and more

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So quick summary, not that not everyone has already seen it: HBO Now is $15/month on the new $69 AppleTV MacBook Air is now 12″ and thinner than ever with Retina, clickless trackpad, fanless, USB C combines power, video, etc. MacBook Pro 13″ also get clickless Trackpad Apple Watch: Built in speaker and microphone. Dick…

NAS Hard Drives… Seagate 3TB failures and what to buy next

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Well, reading BackBlaze statistics (although the statistics are controversial), it is pretty clear that the Seagate 3TB have huge failure rates (25% plus annually). We have five Seagate 3TB from 2012 and now four of them have failed. It’s another reminder that it would be good to have RAID and ideally get to ZFS with…

When a lifetime warranty isn't really at eBags

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Well they talk alot about a lifetime warranty, but here’s the fine print.  First they do honor it and will refund you up to the amount of the original purchase price so that is what the warranty really is. If the item has gone up in price since, then you have to pay the difference….

DNS encryption and privacy

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Well, if you are worried about internet privacy, the first thing to do is: Use a more private search engine. Looking at google search history is pretty frightening. I’ve been using with decent success. to use a VPN so that your ISP can’t snoop everything. seems decent. It has good coverage. They also…

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