Month: April 2015

Things that break when you change your iCloud password and Tunnelblick problems

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Well a bunch of things definitely break when using your Mac in a secure way. I have two problems. First is with Tunnelblick, the open source VPN connection. It keeps hanging Yosemite. I finally uninstalled it and am trying’s own client. Also. I’ve been having trouble with iCloud and with so many hacks, decided…

Storing photos and cloud music too and other subscriptions

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So given all the photos that are happening, where’s the best to store things. Much has changed and it has gotten incredibly cheap to store photos and see them everywhere. So I’ll sort the list with two criteria, size of storage, privacy and convenience: Photos in the cloud Amazon Cloud. They just announced that Amazon…

Lightroom 6 has it all, HDR, Panorama and Facial recognition

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Adobe continues the drum beat of including everything. Perhaps this is the right subsittute given Apple Photos issues. The latest Lightroom has a bunch of the separate utilities I’ve been using: HDR Merge. This works with Raw and is like the Photomatic I’ve used or HDR Luminance (open source) Panorama. Like Hugin which I’ve loved…

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