Lensrentals and testing


Well it certainly is a great time to try new high end cameras. In looking at lensrentals.com, it's a great way to test them without spending thousands. Here's my drool list:

  • Blackmagic Design 4K Production Camera. This is 4K with a Canon EF mount system, so a great complement to all that Canon glass if you own lots of it
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 960GB. OK a compact flash that is fast enough for 4K video?! Or use the removable SSD storage system on it!
  • Canon 5DS R. Due sometime in June, this is a 50 megapixel landscape lovers dream. It reverses the aliasing filter and will only show off with the very best lenses. But what a dream.
  • Canon 600mm f/4L II. This is 3 pounds lighter (although still $10K worth of glass), but one of the finest pieces of long sports photography lense ever. 
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100. This is a a micro-4/3 system that is a little bigger than the Sony RX-100 Mark III

Then there are the cameras that are not quite here yet but which should make for a great summer:

  • Sony RX-100 Mark IV. The rumor is that this is going to be micro-4/3 (rather than a 1" sensor), so close tot eh DMC-LX100
  • Sony A7R Mark II. The rumor is that this will be even more than 36MP and let's hope they get away from their lossy RAW format 🙂
  • Sony RX-1. Potentially the first camera with a larged curved sensor (so nicer edge sharpness).

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