So given all the photos that are happening, where’s the best to store things. Much has changed and it has gotten incredibly cheap to store photos and see them everywhere. So I’ll sort the list with two criteria, size of storage, privacy and convenience:

Photos in the cloud

  • Amazon Cloud. They just announced that Amazon Prime member ($99/month) get unlimited photo storage. You can just copy your folder with the Mac application (or PC) and it puts it up there. And Amazon seems reasonably unfocused on reading all your content, so I’d guess it’s a decent place to put it. And the marginal cost is basically zero. 
  • Crashplan. This is a backup service and although it costs $69/year, seems like a good option for backup. You do need an application running on your NAS or a PC or Mac to keep it fed though.

  • Bluehost. For $10/month they also have unlimited storage as long as objects are less than 1GB . This is again for me basically a zero marginal cost, although Bluehost is now owned by a gigantic hosting company so who knows how good the service will continue to be.

Next down on the list

  • Yahoo. They have a 1TB storage limit. The main issues are privacy as Yahoo is of course an ad driven company, but the interface is nice. And 1TB is a decent amount of storage. I have about 400GB of photos, so it just about fits.
  • Google. For $10/month, they will give you unlimited storage with Google Drive. 

  • Apple. I don’t know why Apple charges so much but it is $20/month for unlimited Photo sharing. 

  • Music in the cloud

    Now on to music storage and download:

    • As an aside, with Amazon Music bundled it seems like an even lower cost way to do things
  • I’m wondering if I should give up my $25/year Apple Match subscription, it does give very high quality m4a files (which by the way if you are smart, you can find on your machine).

  • Backup into the cloud

    I use Crashplan now but wonder if Backblaze isn’t a similarly good choice and you can now install Crashplan on Synology which is great

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