Well what is fast? That’s the hardest to say, but here are some results for the two machines which are:

  • ASRock Z97m OC with Intel Core i7-4790K (Haswell) at 4.5GHz overclock with DDR3-2400 (no overclock ram) and a pair of SLIed Asus Strix GTX 970. The overclock is +200MHz on GPU and +250MHz on VRAM.
  • ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe with Intel Core i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge) at 4.2GHz overclock with DDR3-2400 and a single GTX 670 (non overclocked). In looking for overclock, it looks like +80Mhz on CPU and +700MHz on VRAM Memory seems pretty stable giving a GPU clock of 1060MHz vs the stock 980MHz and 1842MHz memory vs 1502MHz stock. Not bad increases.

Here are the results:

  • Intel Burn Test. This is really Linpack and really stresses the CPU. When set at 4.5GHz on an Intel Core i7-4790K (Haswell) we get 136GFlops at 4.5GHz but at a very hot 100C but on the ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe running at Intel Core i75-3570K (Ivy Bridge circa 2012) at 4.1GHz overclock and DDR3-1200Mhz-10-12-31 memory we get 109 GFlops and since it is mineral-oil cooled, CPU temperatures were 70C. I didn’t overclock the RAM in either case, but with the i7-4790K, the system did boot to DDR3-2600 (vs the stock 2400) with 1.72v applied, but wasn’t stable with Intel Burn Test.  It does go to show how little performance has changed in two generations at the CPU level.
  • Just doing a Peazip or an 7Zip against a file 4GB file, I see 200MBps read and then extraction rates. Wow, now that is fast. Nice to have a 2xPCI Express m.2 slot (theoretically this is 500MBps x 2 = 1GBps transfer rates but is really limited by the SSD itself in this case).

  • File Copy. A simple copy some big files from the PCI Express PlexData to a Samsung Evo 850 on the SATA 3.0 so maximum possible speed is 500MBps, in reality, got close to 400MBps which is pretty amazing.

  • Valley from Uniengine. 107 fps with GTX 970 in SLI with +200 and +_245 overlcock and 120% of temperature limit, but no voltage increases.

  • * PCMark 8. Having trouble getting this benchmark to complete but right now it looks like the ASRock is 4722 while the ASUS is 4147. The main difference of course being graphics (2xGTX 970 vs 1x GTX670). This is without overclocking

    • 3DMark. The overall test crashed the entire system (?!), but got Fire Strike Performance 1.1 to run, got 15028 with all stock (no OC or faster memory), got 15881 with processor at 4.5GHz and memory at DDR3-2600 (although this configuration wasn’t stable with Linpack). With overclocking of the GPX by +200 and +250MHz for GPU and Video plus 120% of power, this pushes it to 17767 Fire Strike  Performance 1.1 so a hefty increase for GPU.

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