Last year was just an also year for getting more point. We got over 50K incremental points just by using the BoA portal. He deals were amazing. 15 points for beats at one point. 
The top purchase sites were overstock, Rakuten, best buy and staples. As well as Walmart and target.and quill. And that site had a product search feature which made it way easier than searching individual sites
Sadly that portal went defunct in March 2015 so this really set me back. Here’s the current shopping strategy. 

  1. Newegg Business. Getting an account here requires a business entity but isn’t super hard. They have a 4% rebate when shopping through 
  2. Rakuten. The main thing is to watch for their rewards points. For instance this weekend they were rebating 15% via rewards points. That’s huge and the rebating really works as a triple dip (credit card, portal and rewards). Sadly their actual portal rebates are way less now. About 1% in cash or a single point with chase. 
  3. Overstock. The main thing is to watch for their rewards promotions as well. At one point we got 10% which more than made up for having to buy into their O rewards. U shouldn’t renew automatically but just when a big item justifies having the reward. The portals aren’t greAt anymore. 
  4. Staples. These guys have limited stock for 5% site rewards. 
  5. EBags. If you don’t get 20% off just wait for a sale And the. Watch for their rewards points. 
  6. Amazon. If you buy a gift card you can get a small 1% rebate. 
  7. REI. Usually good points as is nordstorms and Walmart and target. Quill is the other one 

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