Room Air Conditioners

Room Air Conditioners

Been a while since I've shopped for one of these. I remember the one from my childhood like it was yesterday. So amazing to have a cool room in humid climates. Now we need another one and Consumer Reports (Subscription required) is a good resource as it a quick check of Amazon ratings which shows people liking the low cost Frigidaire units, although CR says they are noisy. Probably a good value. 
But in looking at it, you need about 30 BTU per square foot, so a 200 square foot room needs about 6000 BTU roughly. And the larger the unit the harder to manage, so don't just the biggest one you can find. So for a small one which is 5-6.5KBTU:
There are blizzard of GE models which all have different ratings and different channels. It is so confusing! but they really dominate the ratings:

  • GE AEM05LS. This is the top rated one 
  • GE AEM06LS Series. These three are just slightly lower and have the same ratings, the AEH06LS (Sam's Club) and the AEL06Ls (Home Depot). About $180

  • GE AEM06LT is rated lower for some reason

So for the medium sized which are 7K-8.5K BTU, here are some of the good choices:

  • GE AEM-08LT. These are actually pretty hard to find and the ending numbers matter. Note also that the AEL-08 is a specific Lowes model and is rated much lower.
  • LG LW8014-ER. At least this model has a consistent number everywhere. It is about $300 on Amazon and $240 at Home Depot, so for once the local guys win. You can get it delivered to a store and pick it up or there is free home delivery.

  • So how to save a little more, well deploy the triple dip scheme:

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