Best student cards

Chase Freedom. Has 5% on categories and the big one is Amazon is 5% in the fall. It is also no fee so a great way to build up credit. 
When you combine this as a grownup with the Chase Sapphire or the Ink Plus (the business card), then you get lots of bonuses:

  • Use the Freedom for the 5X category bonus. Chase Rewards points can then be used at about 2.1 cents so that’s an incredible 10% off.
  • Use Sapphire for the 2x for Dining

  • Use the Ink Plus for 5x on office supply and telecommunications

 We were going to get the Bank of America Cash Rewards, but feedback has just been terrible on the sites saying they don’t actually give you the rebate
 Another quick thing is that if you are OK with it, you can add your student as an authorized user on an account (manage that account though!) and then he or she gets the benefit of your credit rating

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