Month: June 2015

Wirecutter for graduation gifts

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Well not a bad time to look through Wirecutter for the many miscellaneous gifts I haven’t had time to buy: Ooma. For $109, you get telephone service that is free. What a great deal compared with the $20 a month that Comcast charges Cable modem. If you cut the telephone cost, then you can get…

Sublime, Python, Anaconda and SCONS

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Ok, I’m trying to use Scons and finally had half a day to finally get some sort of IDE going. Anaconda for Sublime is pretty cool. Complicated to setup, you actually have to paste in Python code if you can believe it, but the punchline is that it lets you do a goto any definition…

Turn off xfinity wifi

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One of the most annoying things that Comcast has done is to turn all their customers into unwitting public hotspots. Not to mention the potential security problems, this creates a new entry point to your network. They have buried it under three layers of menus, but you can turn it off: Goto and log…

Sabrent EC-UASP really works as does a medium mix Kingston SE9G2

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Wow, I’m pretty impressed. Read up on UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol?) which runs SCSI over USB in an alternative mode. Supposed to be supported natively by Windows 8 and Mac OS X ¬†and Ubuntu as well, I popped in a slower Corsair 960MB SSD to see. Here is what I got using the Blackmagic…

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