Wow, I’m pretty impressed. Read up on UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol?) which runs SCSI over USB in an alternative mode. Supposed to be supported natively by Windows 8 and Mac OS X  and Ubuntu as well, I popped in a slower Corsair 960MB SSD to see. Here is what I got using the Blackmagic Speed Test:

  1. iMac 2007. This is a USB 2.0 system and with BlackMagic Speed Test, I got 30MBps read and write which is about the limit of USB 2.0
  2. MacBook Pro 2014. This has USB 3.0 and with that I got 650MBps read and 710MBps sequential read. That’s about the theoretical limit of the SATA 6GBps controller that is there. 

Net, net, the thing cost $13 and you can stick a SSD drive in there and have quick temporary backup or an extra drive. Pretty convenient and certain great as a high mix USB boot drive for instance.
Also, the USB 3.0 is definitely faster. I have the new USB 3.0 based Kingston SE9 and it is 50MBps write and 120MBps read while the older USB 2.0 SE9 is 13 MBps write and 22MBps write

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