Really learning something in photography


You know there are some moments when you really achieve something incredible. Not something that is good. Like seeing your brother or going to the hospital for a friend but which is truly amazing and unique?
Well this shot to me symbolizes that. After thousand of photos and thousands of dollars, I really learned something. Not too many people sail and not too many take photos. There aren't any guides for it that I can find. But trial and error sometimes work. Here's a shot take in horrible conditions. Two foot wind driven chop. A handheld 400mm f/2,8 lens and 5d2 body with crappy nine point autofocus.
Wow what a shot. The trick is capturing at 1/2000-1/4000th of a second with a shallow f/4 depth of field. And pushing ISO to get there. In this case ISO 200 in bright clouds. The picture is tack sharp thanks to 4 stop imagine stabilization in mode 1 and such a fast shutter. Previously I had thought 1/800 was good enough but no! For this 1/3200 is great. And some of the 1/4000 even more amazing.

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