You know there are some moments when you really achieve something incredible. Not something that is good. Like seeing your brother or going to the hospital for a friend but which is truly amazing and unique?
Well this shot to me symbolizes that. After thousand of photos and thousands of dollars, I really learned something. Not too many people sail and not too many take photos. There aren’t any guides for it that I can find. But trial and error sometimes work. Here’s a shot take in horrible conditions. Two foot wind driven chop. A handheld 400mm f/2,8 lens and 5d2 body with crappy nine point autofocus.
Wow what a shot. The trick is capturing at 1/2000-1/4000th of a second with a shallow f/4 depth of field. And pushing ISO to get there. In this case ISO 200 in bright clouds. The picture is tack sharp thanks to 4 stop imagine stabilization in mode 1 and such a fast shutter. Previously I had thought 1/800 was good enough but no! For this 1/3200 is great. And some of the 1/4000 even more amazing.

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