Cisco Linksys SGE2000


We have some really old Linksys switches, but they still work, so trying to get them up from 2007 software. Here are the steps:

  1. The switches ship with firmware, to get them to the new graphical interface called version, you have to use the Easy Upgrade utility that only runs on Windows.

  2. In our case, we got a tftp server running on a Mac (you just launchctl) it and then in /private/tftpboot, you have to make sure the files are 666.

  3. Go to your Windows machine, figure out the ip addresses and then run the install. You will get hopefully to by running the upgrade process both times.

  4. The upgrade process after moving to 3.x is very confusing. But apparently, you have to do a firmware upgrade on both images before the upgrade takes. Pretty amazingly bad, but what the heck, on to 3.0.2 now. 

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