Dads Patents and Papers


No one is getting any younger, but Calvin mentioned in a a very cool webrtc conference call ( is incredible) that his grandfather worked on information theory. It is one of those things lost in time, but 60 years ago was an incredible time for the basis of information theory. From Shannon to McCluskey, the very ideas of what constitutes information were first being explored. It is so cool that this is now used in quantum physics because in essence we are about encodings.
But thanks to google patents, here are some of the work his grandfather did on the now long dead field of error coding. That is, if you are given a string of bits, how do you send them and hope to have them be correct. I still remember looking through those patents many years ago and their  IEEE articles. A real blast from the past:

Then from Microsoft search shows five publications:

  • Bell 212A modem. This was one of the first LSI projects for Bell Labs done in Sunnyvale for Bell Laboratories

His thesis advisor:


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