Well digilloyd and mingthein are both saying it, with the improvements in Sony, it looks like a goto place for the pros. The A7Rii looks like the ideal landscape high resolution system and Zeiss lenses, but then the question is what is the long term path to make sure your lenses last a lifetime even as the cameras you choose don’t. Here’s a recommendation:

  • Buy Nikon F lenses. These have the longest flang distances so can fit with adapters on Canon or Sony or just about anything else like the upcoming Flooglemeier 2020 Superlense (lol!)
  • Spent the dollars on amazing lenses quality that will last a lifetime because lenses are just about at their very best now whereas bodies are continuing to improve at an incredible rate

  • Use a 16:9 or Novoflex adapter to get from Nikon to Canon has focus confirmation with the Dandelion chip. But you can’t autofocus on Canon. OTOH, if you think that Nikon or Sony will win then this isn’t a problem.

  • Nikon to Sony E Mount via Metabones. This provides autofocus and everything.

So the perfect system today would be (with no dollar limits):

  • Nikon D810 still the best by a hair

  • Sony A7R II for most uses

  • Zeiss as much as you can afford prime at 50mm

  • Nikon 200mm F/2.8. An incredible incredible lense

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