Man, those guys are smart. They now charge $10 a month for a modem and an additional $10/month for a wifi access point built in. So what’s a person to do. Well, just buy your own modem and then hook it up and you get rid fo the charge. has a list and the Netgear CM600 is pretty cool. It bonds 16 channels so that it will be 600Mbps downstream (wow) maximum and even though many areas only have 8 channels for bonding and 4 upstream.

  • Netgear CM600. This thing is only $99 and when you compare it with the budget Motorola Surfboard which is only 8 channels down, so why not future proof a little.

The main thing is that if you have a comcast telephony system you are really hosed. The main model is an Arris TM822G/CT for $120 and there are compatibility issues. Note that there is some strange compatibility issue with different models for different carriers.

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