Amazon discounts

Wow, it used to be basically impossible to get more than the typical credit card discount (1 point or about 2 cents per mile), but now here are some nice offers because credit cards are getting competitive, in order, if you use Amazon:

  1. Amazon Prime Store Card. This gives you 5% off of if you are a Prime member and it is free. They really want to nail in those Prime users. When you combine it with free Amazon Videos (including the ability to offline view them on iOS now), it makes me want to cancel my 15 year old Netflix subscription?!
  2. Discovery It. They have 5% off of as a rotating promotion. You do have to subscribe to that though but the card is free. As an additional incentive, if you use Apple Pay with Discovery, they give you 10% through the end of the year. And they will also double those rates for the first year (10% off Amazon and 20% off for Apple Pay). Woohoo!

  3. Chase Freedom. They have  a rotating bonus program. This Q4 you sign up and get Amazon 5% discounts.

Rock and roll!

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