Well, a Honda Fit is an incredibly practical car. You can buy expensive accessories, but the after market is terrific:

  1. Floor mats. Rather than the factory ones, from Auto Anything, you can get custom fit nearly impervious ones for $99 less 6% off in a cilck through rebate and Retailmenot has a 15% off coupon. Not bad. Hexomat works well, but we are trying Lloyd this time.

  2. Pleather seat covers. Ok, this sounds terrible, but they actually work well. Easy to wipe off and they don’t wear like cloth seats. And if you have them getting wet all the time, there is nothing like it. Coverking used to make Honda Fit covers, but no more, now we are trying. Now we are trying the 2015 covers (the 2016 Honda Fit is the same except it is made in Japan and not Mexico so hopefully more reliable). CalTrend “I Can’t Believe it is not Leather”

  3. Yakima whispbar roof racks. You truly can’t even hear them. For the 2012 Honda Fit, you need the S24 and K446 fit kit. The newer 2015-16 need the Whispbar Flush  S33 and and K853W. You can also get a long rack with the HD Bar T15 or the through bar S15 all using the same foot. The different is that the flush is very finished and the rack doesn’t extend past the foot. The through bar goes past it while the HD is designed for work applications. The flush sees the right choice. You can get from REI (remember there is a 20% off with a Discover card payment through Apple Pay plus 10% off as an REI member) if you buy at the store before DEcember 31st with a new Discoer car.

  4. Hitch. You can actually tow up to 2500 pounds and have a tongue weight of 150 pounds!

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