New years resolutions


Happy 2016. I can’t believe we are already here. Wow, and we are getting close to 2020 and driverless cars and even hoverboards, but the old tradition of New Years resolutions lives on. So here are mine:

  1. Really understand computer vision machine learning. Ok nerdy in the extreme, but last year, it was about really getting Linux infrastructure from the groundup. That is security, storage and all the little tricks it takes to make a cloud and local infrastructure work. While it will take forever to get truly good about it, I’m happy to say at least I get how it all fits together and the infrastructure we have built is pretty cool. Everything from docker, to ed25519 elliptial to ecryptfs on to using CoreOS is around. Now the next step is having caught up with the last 30 years of computer infrastructure, going beyond to the cutting edge. We even got two patents out of all the work! Which is kind of amazing. Now on to the real cutting edge which is artificial intelligence and machine learning. I can’t wait!

  2. Exercise and fitness. They say that along with mental exercise, comes physical. So back to getting to a regular program. Running through and airport and being completely out of shape and out of breadth was not good. Now that I know that it is all about the same intensity but perhaps more rest, i’m motivated. So on to 5 miles a day, 100 pushups and 100 situps or their equivalent. BAsically getting back to the basics.

  3. Friends and Family. It has been a long time coming, but now I realize that there are “true” friends and of course family. People who will do things out of their own heart, not because it is business-wise beneficial. Here’s to a year of finding people like that and being generous to them!

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