Price searching


For a long time I used, but then it really changed to a resell site. Then I used the Merrill Lynch rewards site which was decent, but had some great mileage bonuses, now I’ve just been hacking away looking at some random store (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Wal*mart, Newegg, Rakuten and Overstock) and that has been terrible. But, thanks to, I have some new sites to try:

  • (that’s not a typo!). This tracks Amazon price history so you can at least see when things are more or less expensive there.
  • This is really a great site but only works for computer components and not all of them.
  • Ok, you’ve just got to love the name.
  • From lifehacker, this doesn’t have the basic items so not super useful. Just for things with well coupons.
  • tells you if a price is lower when you are browsing on Amazon which sort of works but requires a browser add-on. As a check, NBA 2K16 was $20 on eBay from a shady guy  and it seemed to find $40 from Best Buy as well.
  • dedicated to computer games although it doesn’t seem super effective. NBA 2K16 is $60 on their site (they don’t seem to distinguish versions)  and $40 on Amazon for PS3 version.

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